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Capabilities and Areas of Expertise   ________________________


·         analog and mixed circuit design

·         FPGA logic circuits

·         sensor interfacing and conditioning

·         embedded controller design

·         industrial process controllers and calibrators

·         remote sensing and telemetry

·         power distribution

·         home automation

·         power line protective systems

·         telecommunication equipment

·         production assistance

·         product reviews and debugging

·         complete product development services



Sample Projects ________________________



·          Circuit and product design.


Logic circuits for telecom equipment: Design of complex FPGA's for telecommunication multiplexers and switches. Review, analysis and redesign of existing products.


Minimalistic sensor design:                Modification of existing equipment to add extremely low-cost, simple A/D interface, constrained by lack of physical space and I/O.


Miniature climate controller for a motor coach:                Preparation of project proposal. Design and construction of prototypes. Field tests to tune performance characteristics. Production documentation.


Fiberoptic switch for redundant paths:  Complete design and documentation. Support of client's mechanical design department. Assistance in acceptance tests.  


Intelligent modem interface: Design of microprocessor-based hardware, development and debugging of control software. Writing user instruction manual.



·          Prototypes and proposals.


Metal detector / security system: Review of  available design approaches. Analysis of existing equipment. Design and construction of a proof-of-concept prototype. Support of manufacturer in sales demo construction and presentation.


Chemical water treatment controller: Proposal and design outline to assist client in preparation of their production bid.


Temperature control system: Interface with client’s customers to review product requirements.



·          Technical presentation and evaluation.


Performance evaluation tests: Preparation of tests objectives and schedules for various communication and instrumentation equipment. Conducting tests to aid in contract dispute resolution.


Expert witnessing:  Preparation of reports and depositions regarding equipment failures.



·          Product debugging.


Avionics test equipment: Review and debug of  first-run prototype p.c. boards.


Microprocessor-based fire alert transceiver: Re-design of hardware, building prototype boards for software development.



·          Field application and installations.


Municipal well system controls: Redesign and re-building of relay- and PLC-based water treatment plant power, controls and telemetry equipment.


Equipment controller: Design and construction of interface circuits, ladder-logic programming of embedded single-board PLC for a remote control gate operator.





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